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Gimme Shelter - Written by Kevin O’Neal

  • Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson Writer None

  • Christopher Kulikowski Director Nonr

  • Christopher Kulikowski Producer None

  • Jack and Mary Bordowski Key Cast "Police Officer and his wife."

This is a love, sex and action story. Officer Jack Bordowski is a Viet Nam Veteran who battles to reintegrate with society. When things get tough he turns to his wife Mary’s arms for comfort. Facing crime on the streets of New York and a lot of family disasters, this man needs a lot of shelter. This script contains descriptive sex and violence.

Plot Summary:

The story begins in the middle and will move to the end such as the Star Wars Series. This story follows Jack Bordowski's family life and career which starts as a cop in New York City to the shores of Vietnam where he fought as a soldier and back to New York where he makes his transition back to a police officer in his old precinct in Brooklyn. Jack is later promoted to Lieutenant. As the story progresses, several factors lead Jack to try to get off the streets of New York. His wife Mary hates the school district and city living. Jack starts seeing too much abuse as well as seeing a great friend die on the job. The third factor is that Jack's mother, father, and two brothers are killed off. At this point of his life Jack needs a lot of shelter which he finds in his loving wife Mary.

Side view to the right

This is the peninsula the entertainment of camping, boating and fishing began for the Bordowski’s in Gimme Shelter Part Three. This is a front view

Side view from lot. This is to the left

Front view from top of the lot.

Mary is a sex addict who never cheats on her husband. During Jack's tour in Vietnam, Mary buries herself into taking care of their four children as well as starting a sewing business to keep her mind away from sex. Mary uses sex which occurs almost every night to keep Jack coming home and to keep Jack from cheating. Mary enjoys her physical love with Jack and likes Jack to think of her as his personal mysterious lover. Mary always changes the times, places and positions to make sure physical love with Jack isn't boring. The reader will see where this trait passes down from generation to generation. Mary and Jack are both devout Roman Catholics but see things differently. After Jack is called into action in Vietnam, Mary sees prayer and faith as all that pulled her through. Jack knows prayer alone doesn't work.


The author writes this story about places and groups of people he loves. The story takes place in Upper Orchard, Levittown where the author knows many of the residents and has been a letter carrier there for the past ten years. Since he was young, the author was fascinated with the police force and the military. The author enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1988 through 1994. Then enlisted in the National Guard Ground Forces Reserves 1996 through 1999. Here, the author was schooled in battle tactics, ambush and how to defeat an ambush. The author also qualified on the M16 rifle, M50 and M60 machine gun, and his favorite weapon, the M203.

The author feels for all veterans. The one group he feels for the most was the Vietnam Veterans who didn't get the respect they deserved until years after the war. The story combines all of the elements that sell a story in this script. Love, sex, action, religion and depression all play a role in the Bordowski Household. The author had a lot of contact with Vietnam Veterans during his years as a hospital orderly at the Delaware Valley Medical Center and during his years in the U.S. Navy. The author also took care of many mental patients between the years of 1977 through 1983 at the Delaware Valley Medial Center and has seen everything from sexual addiction. up to and and including the typical mental illnesses. The author is currently a non-practicing Catholic. His last mass being Christmas 1991. The author does not hate the church but has decided he didn't need his life run for him and peacefully parted ways. His religious views are seen in the most dominant of the oldest set of twins, Dallas Bordowski.

PennMonor Club which is the Bordowski’s later in the story.

Back to the lot. This is a view from the front of the dock.

Peninsula view to the left

WILDsound FEEDBACK Film and Screenplay Festival:

Gimme Shelter

Written by

Kevin O'neal

Score: 7/10.

Strengths: This is a beautiful story of a couple who have six daughters, overcome numerous hurdles of life, and still find time for each other. Throughout this, they spend time with each other and have fantastic sex which itself is immensely relaxing and bonding. The characters are interesting and keep the reader invested in the story. The dialogue is adequate and clearly indicates the time period this story is set in. Jack and Mary are adorable. The numerous support characters bring their own subplots and complement the story.


Stuart Krzywonos
Stuart Krzywonos
Dec 18, 2022

Kevin O'Neal rocks!


Dec 15, 2022

I love the way this page is laid out. My trailer will be there tomorrow. Please make sure to add the trailer.

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