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Hot W-Heels: A breath-taking pursuit

Hot W-Heels is a photoshoot that draws inspiration from espionage films combining elegance, luxury lifestyle, and iconic automobiles. A project that uses vivid colours, interesting locations, and fashionable wardrobe choices. Its protagonists, pose as they are in this world, throughout their body language, facial expressions and essence. It is a combination of the glorious past, by embracing the future. 

Artist’s statement:

Long before I found out I wanted to be a film director, I wanted to be a spy like James Bond. Growing up, and being more and more drawn to the cinematic world, the espionage and luxury essence were always there. Being given the opportunity to make a project to showcase that aesthetic, and my ideas by paying a tribute to my inspirations is really important for me. Knowing exactly which direction I want to follow in my cinematic career, let’s say that this is a ‘’ trailer’’ of my thoughts and ideas. Creating a work that helps me communicate my perspective is what I need the most. I do hope in the next couple of years, not to be given the chance, but to create one, to find people such as Film Producers and Cinematic Studios that will believe and me and help me make my dreams come true.

This film was written when I was 17 years old, called The Daughter Of War. A spy/ drama/ war film, that focuses on some of the most important battles in WW2. A young woman, finds what war is really about, while she has to fight the era’s status quo. Unfortunately, I can’t provide further information due to confidentiality reasons, however it would be an honor for someone that is interested in this project to contact me for further details!


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