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An Interview with Amir Hossein Nouri

Short Biography:

International singer, composer and human rights activist, especially in the field of children in the world arena, born on September 23, 1985, Tehran, Iran. As one of the most well-known Iranian artists in the field of world music, he has received wide media coverage and has been praised by many music critics with individual honors and various awards.

Please tell us about yourself. How did you your career, and what are some of the projects you worked on, before composing/making ‘White Dream’?

My name is Amir Hossein Nouri. I started playing music as a child and started my career at the age of fourteen as a musician and composer. Before the song "White Dream", I had published more than a hundred works as a composer and musician as well as some vocal works that were my first experiences in the field of singing.

As an artist, who or what are your influences?

I am an artist from the Middle East, I look at the world from a different perspective. Today, the world is full of discrimination, worry, war, and division. The greed of human beings all over the world has destroyed the world. The black shadow of the war on children and women in Yemen, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and many other countries shows these destructions and all these events are the subjects of my works. As an artist, I have no mission other than to make music out of love, humanity, hope, and enlightenment. Only hope for a more conscious tomorrow for all of humanity

What is your vision as an artist? What are the themes/issues you try to reflect in your songs and performances?

When I close my eyes, I see myself as a free person in the united world. When I open my eyes, I find myself trapped in a world where the sound of disintegration echos at every moment, and now, as an independent artist, I have a duty to use my music and the art of singing in service of uniting it again. Where the earth, regardless of borders and nationalities and skin color, is a world for the life of all living beings, so my works reflect my dreams, where the world is a beautiful opportunity to live

Could you tell us about the ‘White Dream’ project? What does it involve?

About eleven years ago, I wrote a project to give hope to children with certain illnesses, which defined the need to create happy spaces and music to help with treatment. then I decided to write an album about my personal experiences working with children. Sometimes it is a message from society to children and sometimes from children to society. The first song of the "White Dream" project was released in 2019 to give hope to children with cancer

The song is both inspiring and motivating. What is your creative/songwriting process? Do you start out with ideas or themes? Similarly, do the songs come from your own experiences or simply your observations?

I believe in beauty and aesthetics at the heart of any event. Creation always starts with small everyday events and I think it is the same for many artists. Ideas come from the heart of life, and when I understand or observe them, I just convey the message in the language of music and in my own style. Sometimes I just tell the story and sometimes I try my best to create my character in the language of music with precise details. That's why I spend a lot of time on my work

How was the feedback to the White Dream project? Please tell us about the feedback and your festival run.

During these years, this music has crossed the borders of lands and is sometimes even known as a symbol of the fight against cancer. There is a lot of hope and love in this song and I am very proud to receive loving messages from people all over the world. I always have a deep feeling in my heart that we are all one, and in the programs and performances of the Omid(Hope) project you heard the song "White Dream", this unity is felt. Especially for children with special diseases, working children, or the physically disabled, this performance creates beautiful memories and for me, each of these performances is full of passion for life.

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters/artists?

We live in a world full of negative news and the media that with every label leads us to separation, so the task of art is to reunite and create a more beautiful and united world. Never give up because your work is far more valuable than you think. Keep creating beauty, harmony and music with all your energy.

What are you currently working on? What will be your next project?

This year is the most important year of my work, and of course the busiest of them. I am publishing an album with the poems of the great Persian poets in different styles, such as Khayyam, Rumi, Saadi, Hafez and ...

I have a couple of romantic alternatives in the style of alternative rock, as well as singles in English, French and Spanish.


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