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2nd Date - Jaik Andino

  • Project Type: Screenplay

  • Number of Pages: 130

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

After a traumatic childhood, the loyalty of two best friends is put to the test to discover how far they are willing to go to find the love of their lives.

Two hopeless romantics are searching for love in their 30’s. Despite having been best friends their whole lives, Jaik and Wyatt are still struggling with being with and without each other. After their group date colossal failure, Jaik and Wyatt realize they need professional help. A Matchmaker, Callie, and her Native American social media expert, Maeve, set Jaik and Wyatt on a zany quest that will test their bravery (and friendship). 2nd Date is fueled by an electrifying soundtrack of new hits and old favorites synced to everything from monster truck mudding to death-defying leaps while being chased on horseback. While rooting for the hearts of these two young men, we see love persevere throughout the story, praying that one day, after all of the chaos, it makes its way to Jaik and Wyatt to get their 2nd Date.

Writer Biography

Jaik Andino is a producer, writer, actor. A dreamer who wears his heart on his sleeve, Jaik is an alumni of the prestigious Acting Lab program at Second City in Chicago where he began his acting career after 18 years as a global consultant advising C-level executives. Inspired by his experience in corporate America and growing up as a minority in America, his comedic storytelling draws directly from living a transient life across the U.S. and overseas to the absurdities found in boardrooms everywhere.

As a first-generation American, Jaik draws on his real-life triumphs and traumas growing up the son of Indian immigrants in the heart of the Midwest. His versatility on stage and on-camera is motivated by his mission to communicate complex stories through drama and comedy that are relatable, educational and inspiring.

In 2023, Jaik will star in his writing debut and first feature film, 2nd Date.

Writer Statement

“I want to be able to create and bring stories to life that reach into the soul, demand discussion and ultimately bring people from all walks of life together through the woven thread that binds us all, our emotions.”

  • Austin After Dark Film Festival Austin, Texas Best Romantic Comedy

  • Austin International Art Festival Austin, Texas August 15, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • Golden Sparrow International Film Festival Tamil Nadu August 1, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • Gona Sparrow International Film Festival Tamil Nadu July 31, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival Hollywood October 15, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • Indo French International Film Festival Pondicherry July 23, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • International Diversity Film Festival Los Angeles August 18, 2021 Honorable Mention

  • Port Blair International Film Festival Port Blair July 27, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy

  • Vegas Movie Awards Las Vegas August 6, 2021 Best Romantic Comedy


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