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Our Story

New York Close-up Magazine is associated with the New York Tri-State organization but works independently. 
With this magazine, we are trying to introduce and promote the latest projects in cinema, television, music videos and screenwriting.

We are hoping to be able to focus on both old and new films and shows, and try to show the best of both worlds. We want our readers to get familiarized with the faces behind these great works of art, and focusing on these aspects of art can be quite a complex and specialized task. 
In this magazine, our main task is to shine the spotlight on creative artists, who try to add something unique to the world of arts; filmmakers, producers, actors, screenwriters and many others who contribute greatly to cinema and television. 

Currently, New York Close-up Magazine only operates on a digital platform, but we have plans to get it on paper soon, hopefully in the near future. Stay with us.

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